Do the Commandments

The typical mainstream denominational church doesn\’t have a clue how to make a disciple. Jesus never said, \”teaching them to learn the doctrines I have taught you,\” – which is the best such a church has ever done.

The typical church first makes one into a non-empirical learner (lacking experience), then they teach them how to pass a written driving exam. 
As good a learner, you can eloquently pontificate about what you\’re supposed to do while driving a car, and even pretend you\’re doing it.
But what you\’re lacking is experience: you\’ve never been taught how to obey or perform the commandments of driving a real car – you\’ve never sat behind a wheel and turned it on, let alone driven it down a street. You can\’t accelerate, park, stop, change gears, or safely navigate through a dangerous intersection or situation.
\”… teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.\”

If you want to follow the great commission, if you want to be a disciple, go first to the commandments of things to do: Matt. 10, Mark 6, Luke 9 – and then keep them as they are, attending to and doing the commandments as the disciples of the Jesus would have understood within the context of their life experience with Jesus.