Refusing Victimhood

Being a victim is not a choice: we can’t help or avoid what happened to us in our past.

But victimhood is our choice, it is our choice of cooperation with evil to live in the past as a victim today.

Victimhood sees the world as an event: it is the attitude that life is happening to a person; it is never about how a better decision can be made or how one can change their circumstances. Instead, it is entitlement and self-absorption.

We choose what we do with things that happen to us. Once we walk down the path of choosing to cooperate with hostile social attitudes by constantly living in the evil that happened to us, then we choose victimhood.

But, when we make a decision to no longer be enslaved to our circumstances or those evil things that happened to us, then we make the choice to not live where we were traumatized.

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