The Halloween Dream

There is a calling upon our lives, and a warning for those who refuse to listen.

Occasionally I’ll listen to a Dana Coverstone dream. And since like the interpretation of dreams, I will practice using his dreams.

Here’s the Halloween Dream and my interpretation. Listen to the dream first, then the following will make more sense.

The Halloween Dream – Brace Yourself – YouTube

Preface: there is a spirit behind Wokeism that has been working in our culture and churches for a long time. The spirit behind those who would teach that scripture is not absolute is the same spirit behind Wokeism. Please do not presume that the spirit of Wokeism is new: it has been moving in our culture and churches for a long time.

Bob, The builder = the people who parrot and build what leadership says and promulgate their words.

Scare Crow – Doesn’t have a brain.  You don’t need to think for yourself; just do as we say.

Fifteen minutes late is a double-sided coin; it is two ideas. First, we’re late to the game, late in fulfilling our purpose. We – the Body of Christ – should have been doing this all along, not letting a myriad of stagnant ministries (parked cars) do the work of Jesus for us. 

Fifteen implies salvation, healing, and redemption. It means stepping up and ascending. The number fifteen also represents the elevation from the physical to the spiritual. There are fifteen Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134) and fifteen steps to enter the temple; the Priestly Blessing consists of fifteen Hebrew words; Hosea redeemed his wife with fifteen shekels of silver.  We are ministers of reconciliation. 

The 15th letter in the Hebrew alphabet is Samech which has a numerical value of 60  (seconds in a minute).  It means to surround, support, and protect.

15 is 5 three times.  5 means power, strength, alertness or wake-up, Torah, grace, ministry, service, gospel, fruitfulness, going forth, fast movement, anointed, prayers, and protection.

The costumed: there are those in some churches and congregations who are pretenders who want to have their ears tickled with cultural morality.

The un-costumed: Others in those churches know that Wokeism is wrong, but they’re committed to something within the organization which necessitates that they remain quiet and non-confrontational toward the truth.

When a masquerader removes their mask, everyone knows who they are regardless of their costume – even those outside the Court of the King and Queen. 

Seeing that the sun was setting at the end of the encounter, we know that circumstances spoke of will arise soon.  They will come from outside the Church to cause the removal of masks.  This will be a negative, anti-Christian cultural pressure.

Those who refuse to heed God’s word will find themselves in a double jeopardy judgment. First, their mask will be removed, exposing their association with the Church and their offense to the surrounding culture. Secondly, they will no longer be able to repent towards the truth they refused to heed and accept.  

Revelation 9:21; 16:9

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