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I’m a firm believer that the Religious Spirit is a thing (a true spirit), and is the same thing as the Political Spirit. Just as the Political Spirit is rooted in the adherents of the political philosophy of a defined way, the Religious Spirit is rooted in a theological philosophy of working out one’s salvation in an approved manner according to the Church: beit the institution, or the assembly.  

As a Christian, I was wrapped up in a performance-based theology and lifestyle for much of my life. Instead of seeing tasks – such as mowing the lawn or reading the Bible – as a means of reaching an objective, I saw them as a pathway to gaining self-respect, adoration of others, and approval of God. Eventually, that type of behavior becomes tiresome.  We then sometimes seek approval in the face of failure and even rebellion, just as a child who misbehaves for the sake of attention. 

A legalist is someone who 

  •  Has an intense conviction that God works in or through a singular way of doing things, or perhaps with only minor deviations of an approved way of doing things.
    • Legalism says that things must be done in “this way,” or “with this truth,” or “with this method.”
  • Is highly critical of anyone who doesn’t fit within their definition of how to work out life and service of God.

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