Satan Doesn’t Want to Fill Hell

Here’s a brain twister for you:

Satan doesn’t care how many people go to Hell or Heaven. If he did, he would have opposed abortion since that filled Heaven with millions of innocent souls.

Satan cares about ruling: power and authority. He has won as long as he can disarm Christians through false doctrines that make them ineffective in society.

As an example, consider the pre-tribulation rapture theology.

Just like the Ten Virgins who believed they had all the anointing required to attend the wedding feast, many Christians believe all they need is the sealing Holy Spirit to keep them safe until the Rapture, all the while praying that the Lord comes soon.

Most preachers have wrongly taught that the blessing is attached to attending the wedding feast. However, the blessing is linked to being invited (Revelation 19:9): both the wise and the foolish virgins were invited, and both participated in that blessing. But the wise virgins understood that disregarding the power of the oil would get them into trouble.

Christians today spend their lives staying out of the way of Secular and worldly concerns, happy to be sealed for the Rapture, and praying that it happens soon. They eschew most things associated with Holy Spirit except that bit about the sealing.

They follow, practice, and elevate doctrine and good bible teaching churches above all else, rather than following and pursuing a living relationship with Jesus.

They look at the parable of The Talents and presume that preaching, teaching, and other noble gifts are the things God expects them to use and perfect, all the while not recognizing that the currency of Heaven is Faith.

They cannot discern between good and evil, even when it stares them in the face through mainstream media and lying government agencies. Essentially, they have become non-effective in doing the Master’s bidding of keeping the house safe when the thief arrives.

A day is soon coming wherein you must be able to discern between the Wolves in sheep’s clothing and those who are simply broken. The wolves have injected the Church with paralyzing and sterilizing doctrines However, it is the broken who hurt people by their actions.

You can restore the broken, but you must exile the Wolves and their false doctrines.

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